Jewelry by Pookie Weatherburn has a unique, intriguing elegance. The work is woven intricately by hand in fine silver and coloured copper wire to create jewelry with lace-like patterns. Ranging from designs of beautiful simplicity to dramatic large works that encircle the neck, pieces come in a variety of styles: some flow downward almost with a mind of their own, while others delicately balance three-dimensional shapes. Some are closely woven so that they appear almost as though they were made of solid silver. Still others are open-form giving them the effect of tracery. For contrast silver, semiprecious gems, freshwater pearls, glass, cut metal, and other materials are incorporated into the designs.

Hello, thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the individual artistic styles created in my pieces. If you have any questions about my work, just write me at pookieweatherburn@gmail.com - - Pookie.